Business Meeting
  • Is your business struggling due to COVID-19?

  • Looking to grow your revenue, profit, cash flow and business value?

  • Are you fulfilling your personal dreams​ ?

  • Do you want to ramp up your business from good to great ?

  • Want the financial freedom and time you wished for when you started your business? 


  • Proven Growth Programme - discover and address key challenges and opportunities and grow your revenue, profit, cash flow and business value

  • The Ultimate 5 Year Business Plan

  • Start-up Business Plan

  • Small Business Development Plan - comprehensive growth programme for your business

  • 12 month Financial Control

  • 7 Key Driver Assessment - identifying areas of business weakness

  • 90 Day Planning and Goal Setting Workshops

  • Grow Your Cash Flow

  • Virtual CFO Services

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We can help you achieve these goals, and compelling powerful results through our business alignment, planning and business  coaching services. Getting  clarity on where you are now and where you want to be with a guaranteed return on investment. 

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Matthew, Shaumit and Simon are a highly experience team of ProfitPlus Advisers that between them have over 80 years of business and finance experience gained in enterprises of all sizes. Today they specialise in helping businesses thrive and grow  

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through a series of defined and proven programmes that provide strategic and practical advice and guidance, the result being often exceptional growth, improved cash flow and significantly better profits and ultimately greatly enhanced business value. 


Shaumit                                            Simon                                         Matthew


To grow a more successful business, we work directly with the business owner, CEO, CFO or general manager. Focusing on the financial health of your business is incorporated into all of our services as financial health underpins all other success factors.

Creating A Clear Direction

Strategic business planning incorporates predictive financial modelling to ensure your business delivers the following outcomes:

• Personal financial returns for the owners
• Surplus cash generation for growing your business

• Profit, cash flow and equity growth to grow value

To facilitate the above benefits, we work with you across all areas of your business to develop a robust strategic plan, implement your strategic plan, and redevelopment as market conditions change.

Exponential Financial Growth

This is a variance on ’Creating A Clear Direction’ but it has a strong focus on ‘Scaling Your Business’ for exponential growth.


We work with you on potential revenue modelling from expansion greater than existing revenue e.g. multiple locations, licensing, franchising etc. The main focus is on:

• Plans to scale your business
• Building predictive financial models
• Working with you to gain your strategic outcomes

Overcoming Financial Stress

Financial stress is normally a by-product of one or more of the following:

• Working capital to revenue growth is misaligned

• Price based on cost + % rather than value added

• Irregular analysis of monthly financial reports
• Capital resources are not sufficient for growth
• Incorrect cost structure


To reduce your financial stress and get your business back on track we analyse performance, implement structural changes, and monitor monthly results to drive continued improvements.

Maintain Financial Control

To grow your businesses profits, cash flow and equity value we monitor and adjust your monthly budgets to actual.

• Monthly financial budgets
• Importing actuals into a robust budget system

• Financial reporting on variance
• Maintain healthy financial ratio
• Monthly meetings to build ongoing success

Budgets come from your strategic plans and the predicative financial models we create with you.

Investor & Bank Funding

Creating business plans for the express purpose of gaining funds for your business from:

• Financial institutions

• Venture capitalists
• Private investors
• Existing shareholders


To get you the best results we focus on what’s important for the target (banker, investor, venture capitalists) return on investment, strong cash flow growth, equity growth and profits.



“I’d like to say thank you to Simon Warnford-Davis for a great session on Friday and everything he is doing to help me in creating a five year written plan for One Team.... If you’re thinking about a written plan and want to know more then I would strongly encourage you to speak with Simon.”

Jonathan Hill, MD, One Team Event Safety Management, January 2020